Crazy Myhts About Wigs Debunked

A myth is somewhat of a mystery when you think about it.

The dictionary states that the meaning of myths is this ‘a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining a natural or social phenomenon, that typically involves supernatural beings or events. With this meaning in mind, one can understand why we Africans tend to almost believe the common myths we hear of almost on a daily basis, from the gossip at the market place to corporate Nigeria!

One can also blame our African traditional truths where anything we hear that has to do with witchcraft we for some reason believe them!!

Well as a forward-thinking cosmopolitan city lady I choose to ignore the myths and live my life, loving the wigs I wear and thoroughly enjoying the choice I am afforded to change my style when I feel like and as often as I feel like.

I also like to believe I have at least 89% of my beautiful, fashionable Nigerian women think and feel the same, all one has to do is watch the television and every presenter, actress, executive, big girl etc is in a wig from the pixie cut to the extra-long curly style or wavy for that matter I feel it’s time to break the myths now!

I have heard the following:

Wigs are the number 1 cause of hair breakage – Wigs do not break the hair, hair breakage starts with improper care of your hair! Hey, this is the truth, if you don’t moisturize your hair, condition appropriately and cornrow the hair before you put on your wig and use a mesh or breathable wig cap your hair will rebel, it’s very simple. TLC is the key.

Wigs cause dandruff - Dandruff is a skin condition that occurs on your scalp for different reasons, number one being genetical and or environmental, however if you have dandruff and you wear wigs without dealing with the issue first possibilities are that it will escalate to something worse like inflammation of your skin, in this case, your scalp and can go terribly wrong. So even though it is known that wigs DO NOT CAUSE dandruff, wigs could cause inflammation if the dandruff is not brought under control first.

Wearing a wig attracts witchcraft – Now this is definitely out of order!! How anyone can think this is beyond me! Some swear by this myth, but the question is who came up with this crap really. Witches have been since the world began, just as long as their master, the devil has been !! and wigs have come into the fabric of society only about 15-20 years ago!!  or longer. The law society can’t go into the courts without their wigs for starters. Medically it has been the saving grace for a lot of alopecia, lupus and cancer patients. The devil has never been known to be part of a solution and for many wigs are a solution for various reasons.

We will continue on the myths in the next article. Watch this space and if you would like to share the myths you have heard, kindly contact us via our social media handles or our website. In the meantime strut your beautiful self in the choice of wigs you choose!!!