If I Had a Penny or Pound for Every Wig

If I had a penny or a pound for every time I have heard the phrase’ I didn’t know I could restore my wig or my synthetic wig’ I would not need to work again!!

This has been the most assuring moments in my business of wig restoring, satisfied surprised clients.

Women I have met at networking events have always been excited at the fact that their wigs could be restored. From the most challenging ones to the ordinary.

However, as a seasoned hairdresser and beauty expert, having been in Lagos, Nigeria’s head stylist in the major television stations such as Channels and NTA being their hair and makeup stylist before they went on air, I can say that hair and beauty has always been on my mind, from the age of 13 I have loved changing my hairstyle. It all started when I made up my mind I had had enough of my hair, at the time, now I am talking years ago, in the ’80s.

I decided to cut my hair so I asked my father who of course said no, it was ok for him to say no he wasn’t the one dealing with the issue, he wasn’t the one who had to stick his head between the thighs of a lady to get your hair done!!! Yes, this is what I had to endure, not the fancy-schmancy hair salon. I was done with it so the hair rebellion started. I took a pair of scissors and cut it off enough to make it so bad that I was ushered to the barbers to get a proper cut, my plan worked.

Well, home was not an easy place for a few weeks, dad was not a happy man, for some reason he said it was mothers fault because as far as he was concerned I was spoilt and that was my mother’s fault, yes this is how African men think, somehow the fact that 2 make a baby for some reason flies out of the door when the child rebels. Anyhow there was nothing they could do and the hair was gone so I strutted with my short hair. As I grew older I looked into relaxing my hair (This is where team natural get angry), it made life easy for me as far as I was concerned and since I was the one living the life and not one piercing through the window it was up to me to do what I like with my hair and I did.

Well once I got into my mid-twenties I still had the bug to do hair and makeup so I enrolled in a hairdressing course in the UK and opened up a salon, ran it for over 10 years and outsourced my services to Television stations once I got back to Nigeria. Fast forward I saw a gap in the growing market of the wig industry, as a wig lover it matched me like a glove, I looked into carving my own unique way of restoring wigs, so unique I was restoring even the most difficult damaged wigs and hair extensions.

Wigs Concierge was born and she is growing steadily and going international with a training scheme in place and our own products to follow.

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