How to Enjoy Wearing Your Wig with Pride

When you’re done chuckling at the heading of this article, imagine this. If every college in the world opened a course about wigs, society would be filled with millions of people enrolling themselves to become future, “wigologists.” Some may believe that this is already the case, considering how much information is presented about wigs and their use by supposed, “wig experts,” throughout the internet. One thing’s for sure, with all of the sometimes conflicting guidance about wigs, the first step is not to “wig out.”

So, what is, “Wigology?”

Let’s start with the suffix, “Wigology,” first. The Cambridge definition of ology is the study of a particular or subject. Okay stay with me, don’t switch off yet; I am going somewhere with all this.

With the influx of wigs in today’s society, we have a lot of, “wigologists,” around who still need assistance in understanding the science behind wigs and how to be in control of the wig without the wig becoming in control of them.

You may find yourself asking, “how would a wig be in control of a person.” Well, it’s not as uncommon as you may think.

You may not be in control when wearing a wig if:

  • You get frequent headaches.

  • You get nervous at the slightest strong wind.

  • The wig adds years to your age – without your permission.

  • You look tired instead of beautiful and relaxed.

The list goes on… but you catch my drift.

Jill Shalvis once said, “Money talks… but all mine ever says is good-bye.” Jokes aside, there is truth in the statement that money is valuable, and I believe that we should always be in control of what we wear and spend so much of our money on.

With that said, here are some tips on how to be a Wise-Wigologist:

  1. Make sure your natural hair is put in cornrows before application.

  2. If you have thick natural hair, remember to straighten it before putting it in cornrows.

  3. Refrain from sewing your cornrows together as some stylists do. 

  4. Do not use the combs attached in the wigs on the hair above the ear as this may hinder blood flow and cause headaches.

  5. Avoid wearing a dome cap or lycra-type wig cap in hot weather. Instead, a net cap which allows your scalp to breathe.If you use bobby pins to hold the wig in place, be sure they are professional-quality coated bobby pins or they may cause discomfort by scratching your scalp.

  6. To avoid diseases, allow enough time for your hair to dry before you put the wig on.

  7. If you sweat a lot, it is important that you only wear wigs with proper breathable caps and/or wear lace nets instead of dome caps underneath the wig as mentioned above.

  8. No matter what, wigs are here to stay as styles and colours become more daring every day!

  9. Enjoy wearing your wig with pride knowing that you are in control and not the wig!

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